Original Xbox Console Launch Bundle Halo + Project Gotham Racing

Original Xbox Console Launch Bundle Halo + Project Gotham Racing

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Product Description 

Looking for a classic gaming experience? Look no further than our Original Microsoft Xbox Console bundle, featuring Halo Combat Evolved and Project Gotham Racing. This bundle is perfect for gamers who love action and racing games. With the iconic design of the original Xbox and the heart-pumping gameplay of Halo and Project Gotham Racing, you'll be transported to another world of gaming. Save the universe from alien invaders in Halo, and then hit the streets, racing through the urban environment of Project Gotham Racing. With stunning graphics, slick gameplay, and non-stop entertainment, this bundle is a must-have for gamers of all types. 

 Whats Included

  • Refurbished Microsoft Xbox Console
  • OEM Microsoft Original Xbox S-Type Controller  (rubber thumb grips may be included to cover wear to the original thumb grips)
  • Power supply
  • AV Cable
  • Pre-Owned copis of Halo Combat Evolved and Project Gotham Racing

2PG Refurbished Guarantee 

Console and accessories are certified working with a 7 point inspection system backed by our 45 day free return and exchange policy.

All items pass through a multi-point thorough inspection 

The following elements are tested as apart of our multi-point inspection.

  • Cosmetic and Physical Condition
  • Power and any Output Functionality
  • All Applicable Buttons (Power, Eject etc.)
  • Disc Feeders, Trays and Lenses
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity, if Applicable.
  • Game Play Tested with Extended Runtime
  • Factory Reset with Most Recent Firmware Update

All items are cleaned, disinfected and packaged securely, with additional insurance added at no additional cost to you 

Returns: Whether your item is defective, arrives damaged or you just don’t like it, we offer a free 45 day return on all items, with no restocking fee.