All video game consoles are seller refurbished and are backed by our 2PG Refurbished Guarentee. 

All items pass through a multi-point thorough inspection 

The following elements are tested as apart of our multi-point inspection and repaired/replaced if needed;

  • Cosmetic and Physical Condition
  • Replacement of any parts as needed. Parts may be 3rd party parts.
  • Power and any Output Functionality
  • All Applicable Buttons Must Opperate (Power, Eject etc.)
  • Disc Feeders, Trays and Lenses
  • All Controller, USB Ports and Memory Card Slots Opperational
  • Lenses cleaned / 72 PIN Connectors replaced
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity, if Applicable.
  • Game Play Tested with Extended Runtime
  • Factory Reset with Most Recent Firmware Update
  • Cleaned and Disinfected 

In the event one of the above does not pass our inspection, it will not be deemed a refurbished console anad will not be sold as such.

CONDITION DISCLAIMER: All refurbished consoles are in good condition with minor to minimal visible wear. Sratch surfaces may be present but no deep cosmetic dings/dents or chips will be present. We take pride in our refurbished consoles and do not send out consoles that have dings/dents in their shells!

Please note, in some instances, we do buff/treat/refubrish the plastic in the event it's not in good condition. You may notice some circle buff marks due to reconditioning. In addition, due to age of some consoles, rust, discoloration may be present interally of the console that we are unable to refurbished but still will follow the process above.

Refurbished consoles have a 45 day initial warranty. We have partnered with CPS to offer you extended protection for up to 3 years which can be bought during checkout or anytime after your purchase.

Please note, our refurbishing process is always evolving based on customer feedback and supplier feedback. We reserve the right to modify this at any time.