Nintendo Wii Video Game Console Bundle W/ Wii Sports & Mario Kart 2 Controllers


$199.99 $279.99

The perfect family and kid bundle paired with your two favorite games. Grab your friends and perform speed boostigflips and wheelies with the flick of a Wii remote or grab a wheel for even more fast paced fun with these two action packed games Mario Kart and Wii Sports!

This bundle is refurbished and comes out of the box ready for play! Includes an original Nintendo Wii Video Game Console Bundle with all hookups. Two brand new Wii Remotes made for the Nintendo, two brand new Wii Steering Wheels, one copy of Mario Kart Wii and one copy of the all time classic Wii Sportrs. Please note a case is not guaranteed with Wii Sports, but we will try our best effort to get you one. All other games come with original case and artwork. 


  • Condition: Refurbished. No blemishes, cracks etc. Surface scratches may be present, however we buff and clean all to the best of our abilities
  • Platform:  Nintendo Wii
  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product: Nintendo Wii Video Game Console Bundle W/ Wii Sports & Mario Kart
  • Items Included: Nintendo Wii Console, All Hookups, 2 New White generic controllers + 1 copy of Wii sports (case is not guaranteed) & Mario Kart 
  • Franchise: Super Mario Bros



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