Keith Haring UNO Artist Series Card Game - Artiste Series - Collector Box


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    This UNO game is a masterpiece! The second offering in the special Artiste Series features the brightly- colored pop-art of Keith Haring. Inspired by the graffiti and underground club culture of New York in the 1980's, his unique style often dealt with political and social themes. Game play is the same as the classic version: players race to get rid of all their cards by matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck. Don't forget when you only have one card left to yell "UNO!" Makes a great gift for anyone 7 years or older.

    UNO Artiste Series Card Game Featuring Artwork of Keith Haring For 7 Year Olds & Up:

    • Age Range: 7 Years and Up
    • UNO Keith Haring is the classic card game of matching colors and numbers loved throughout the world in a unique Artiste edition.
    • This special edition deck celebrates the activist pop art of Keith Haring, whose striking images are instantly recognizable.
    • ​Just like in classic UNO, match cards by color, number or iconic art piece in a race to deplete your hand.
    • ​Each deck features card graphics that not only brighten your day but give the game a whole new look, and premium linen finishes on-packaging
    • ​Fans of Keith Haring will love to add this game to their collection; makes a great gift for art lovers 7 years and older.
    • ©Keith Haring Foundation. Licensed by Artestar, New York.